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Starting off in a young age with playing drums to falling in love with the idea of producing music began Odds journey in his home country Colombia.

From there, he made his move to Russia,Vietnam and now Australia

acquiring a lot of experience to make a connection between his music and people.

Having a professional experience in the music industry as a technician of music production, performing with different bands and musicians he has collected a lot of knowledge that allows him to perform with new mixing techniques to reach the crowd.

Through these years, he has evolved in his way of mixing going deeper into new sounds, looping percussions, jamming with vocals and surprising with his creativity during his sets, also playing with different artists and performers creating live music.

During the past year he has been making his path through the Techno scene in Australia in collaboration with his collective Cross the line, playing in big

events and supporting international deejays in different states of the country. Odd makes a difference behind the decks thanks to his professionalism, passion and love for what he does, always being risky and achieving transitions between different musical genres that others do not dare to experience.

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